Hosted by Unity's Theatre Troupe

No experience necessary to flex your funny bone here! Every Tuesday evening at 6:30PM, test your skills and build better communication in a no pressure environment. Come to learn active listening, improve your self-confidence, and/or explore your creativity. In the end, we're all here to have fun! Our weekly Improv Workshops are instructed by Unity's Theatre Troupe, a group of Stockton Theatre Alumni. Sessions are free to the public!






Hosted by Atlantic City Theatre Company

Join us every Wednesday at 6:30PM as Atlantic City Theatre Company instructs us through the process of acting and reacting organically. "The Art of Doing" Workshop is loosely based around the Meisner technique, and designed to stop the flow of internal dialogue. The goal is to bring participants to a mental state of presence and fluidity, in which the individual participant has access to a level of self truth and spontaneity unattainable by thought alone. This state is beyond thought, and therefore, is achieved only when the individual is fully "doing" in the present moment. Sessions are free to the public!