Production Description: “Moving to Quebec” is a comedy-drama that follows a group of college friends who, after losing touch since graduation, are reunited when they receive an invitation to a “going away party” from their eccentric friend Landon. Over the course of an alcohol-fueled evening, hidden truths are revealed, forgotten feelings resurface, and Landon’s true intentions become clear. At its core, “Moving to Quebec” is a play about how the happiness someone shows on the surface can often be a façade to cover up their personal demons.


Character Descriptions:

LANDON, mid-twenties, charismatic and charming. A bit enigmatic. After over a year of scarce contact, he has reached out to his closest friends to have a “going away” party.


HANNA, mid-twenties. Landon’s best friend since senior year of high school. Sweet and empathetic, but passionate and stubborn when something she cares about is on the line. Obnoxiously Bohemian. Suffers from anxiety disorder. Knows Landon better than almost anyone.


NOELLE, mid-twenties. One of Landon’s best friends from college. Cynical and sarcastic, the deadpan comedian of the group. Often ends up being the “straight-man” of the group. Briefly dated Roger.


ROGER, mid-twenties. Landon’s former college roommate. A complete goofball and hopeless romantic. Tends to speak before he thinks but means well. Still not entirely over Noelle.


DANNY, mid-twenties. Another of Landon’s college friends. Always has to be the smartest one in the room. Mildly narcissistic, but makes up for it with charm and wit... most of the time.


Production Dates & Locations: August 2nd, 3rd, or 4th exact date and time TBD. This play will take place in downtown Hammonton, NJ as part of the annual Jersey Fringe Festival.


Rehearsal Dates: TBD, expect to begin early-mid July


Audition Material: Prepare a 1-2-minute contemporary monologue. Sides from the play will also be provided.


Where: Dante Hall Theater 14 N Mississippi Ave Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401


When: Auditions begin at 11:30am on a first come first seen basis.




For information regarding the auditions, email with the subject line: AUDITIONS.